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The real estate markets in the year 2021 in Canada have a huge dependency on two major factors. These factors includes immigration policies and the results of the previous year. It is imperative of the fact that these markets are expected to behave rationally, however, there are certain factors that will effects its behaviours & past performances. These effects are due to the un-expected performances in 2020 mainly outlines the reasons being the pandemic. However, experts believe that it is better to avoid investing in Real Estate markets of Toronto. More importantly they think that due to COVID-19 pandemic effects that are still evident. This is especially true for the commercial sector and variances in commercial properties in Toronto.

Favoured for the immigration purposes by most migrants are the cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Therefore, the immigration targets of around 400K in the next year, i.e. 2021 can be a huge positive for the real estate markets to boost to their normal behaviours. However, still from the investment point of view it is an expected downturn regards to the commercial sector in Canada.